Stillman School of Business

Seton Hall’s Stillman School of Business is seeking SHU/Phi Kappa Theta alumni in the business world to evaluate presentations made by teams of undergraduate students on business topics related to their studies.

In 1997, the school adopted an assessment process to ensure compliance with the goals of its new curriculum: to educate the students in the fundamental concepts of the functional disciplines of business; and to develop the students’ mastery of five key business profession competencies – change management, communications, critical thinking, teamwork and technology.

As a condition of graduation, all business students must participate in the process. Under the program, teams of students give verbal presentations on topical business issues before an Assessment Panel consisting of about three active or retired business practitioners. The assessors evaluate the team’s work, including its quality of delivery and use of technology.

The students are selected at random and assigned to one of several four-to-six-person teams. They receive materials related to the case(s) they will present, case questions and instructions for individual exercises.

On assessment days, each student team presents answers to the case questions before a panel of assessors, who rate the quality of the students’ presentations on several dimensions. The assessors send their reports to the school and provide students with specific feedback about their performances.

In addition, each student must complete two individual projects assigned by the assessors: write a short essay and show proficiency in a selected business skill via the use of technology.

To qualify as an assessor, candidates must possess at least a bachelor’s degree and five years’ experience in managing a public or private business, supervising people, working in teams, giving presentations and writing business reports and other forms of communication. The school seeks individuals who have developed the business skills of their peers and subordinates and are eager to enhance the talents of future business people.

Assessors must participate in a one-hour training session on campus or via telephone conference calls. After completing the training, assessors receive an Instructor’s Guide and standardized observer rating sheet.

The assessment panels meet twice a year – in February for sophomores and in November for seniors – on a Friday evening and the following Saturday morning and afternoon. Each assessment lasts about two-and-a-half hours.

The school seeks to maintain a pool of about 30 assessors to review the work of approximately 25 student teams. Assessors are assigned to panels based on their availability and date preferences. If an assessor is only available on Friday and not on Saturday or vice-versa, that individual will be assigned only to panels that meet on the dates and times they prefer.

Assessors must travel to and from the campus on their own. A buffet supper is provided on Friday evening and breakfast and lunch are served on Saturday. As a small token of the School’s appreciation, each assessor receives an honorarium of $100 for every student panel he or she evaluates.

At the last meeting of The Setonian Foundation’s Board of Directors, William Attardi, Director of Major Gifts for the business school, explained the assessment process and invited Phi Kappa Theta alumni to serve as assessors.

If you are interested, contact Dr. Leigh M. Onimus, Assistant Dean, at (973) 313-6058 or onimusle@shu.edu. The school will then send you a reply form to complete and return. Dean Onimus said the February assessments will take place on Friday, February 26 (evening) and Saturday, February 27 (morning and early afternoon), so don’t delay if you want to participate in them.

It’s a great opportunity to help Seton Hall business students improve their skills and to give back to alma mater. So far, Jim Spaeth ’65 and I have applied to serve as assessors. I hope some of you will, too. Thanks.

- Nick