Setonian Foundation Endorses Father Holmes for SHU President

At its September 26th meeting, the Board of Directors of The Setonian Foundation voted unanimously to recommend the Rev. Paul A. Holmes, S.T.D. (SHU ’77, PKT ‘A) for appointment as the next President of Seton Hall. The board’s position was conveyed in a letter (Download) from Foundation President Brandon Brewster to Joseph P. La Sala, chair of the Presidential Search and Screen Committee.

A copy was also sent to Bernard R. Jones of Isaacson, Miller – the executive search firm retained by the university. In the letter, Brewster delineated the many reasons why Father Holmes is "uniquely qualified" and "the obvious and logical choice" to succeed Msgr. Robert Sheeran. Brandon cited Father Holmes as "an accomplished, proven leader who can assume the duties of President without undue delay or disruption," adding: "It is not a time for on-the-job training. Father Holmes offers Seton Hall the best opportunity to effectuate a smooth and seamless transition of power."

If you agree with the foundation’s position, feel free to write letters of your own in support of Father Holmes. He has earned and deserves our support!